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January 18, 2007


Burke Lokey

I noted with interest that one of the links you furnished was for the Fossil Creek project in Yavapai County Arizona. There are several river related community/grass roots organizations just in Arizona (seems a bit odd given that most of Arizona is a desert), including Friends of the West Valley Recreation Corridors (Agua Fria River), Friends of Prescott Creeks (Granite Creek), Friends of the San Pedro (San Pedro River), and a very active Friends of the Verde (Verde River which Fossil Creek is a tributary to). All of these groups are actively reaching out to different interest groups within their respective communities but it takes a very long time to build critical mass.

Your point that all of the really successful river projects have some sort of "active constituency" is well taken. There is a website that provides a clearinghouse and "support central" for these citizen groups - it is www.rivernetwork.org

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